Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get ready Cordòba, cause here I come!

I got my flight itinerary yesterday! I think I scared my parents, because I screamed, and then ran out to the living room to dance for a bit before I told them what had made me so happy.

So now it is official; I leave at 4:10 pm, August 15th and land in Cordoba, Argentina at 10:45 am, August 16th. It's kind of a weird feeling knowing that this time next month I'll be settling into life in Argentina, it seems like just a few days ago I was waiting to hear if I'd even get into the program. Everything has been falling into place nicely; I've got a debit card to get money down there, we've ordered a new suitcase for me that should get here soon, I'm going to get a new laptop (mine doesn't work very well), and I've got my passport.

I've got kind of a weird situation with my visa though; apparently I'll go into Argentina on a tourist visa, and take all my important documents with me, and then when I get there someone will take me someplace and I'll get a student visa. I don't mind as long as I can stay in the country!

I also got an email back from my first host family (with rotary you normally have more than one host family). My host mother and father are Diego and Gabriela, they have four children, Constanza, 22, Diego, 20, Pia, 17, and Consuela, 11. My only siblings are 27 and 26, so I'm really excited to have a sister my age and to have a younger sister! My host mom also said that my school, Instituto Maria de Nazareth, will be close enough to walk or bike to, and I think that's pretty cool.

I can wait to be writing this blog from Argentina!

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