Thursday, August 11, 2011


I am leaving on monday. I keep having to tell myself that to believe it! It still seems like this is all just a really really great dream.

I've found out a lot more about my first host family. My host mom is the head of the english department at a bilingual school, My host dad is an arcitect, My 22 year host sister is studying to be an arcitect as well, My 21 year old brother studying to be a civil engineer, and my 17 year old sister is going to be going to Germany in january, and my 11 year old sister is learning guitar! My host mom told me that since my school is bilingual she arranged for me to help out during english hours, and I'm pretty excited about that! She talked about how they like to have big family gatherings on the weekends, and lots of everyday things that they like to do. I can't wait to meet this family! Just 5 more days.

See you soon Cordòba!

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